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/me feel sicky...had a reaction to something I ate tonight. On top of my roommate apparently forgetting that 01:30 in the morning is not the time to play Flash games on his dorm-room jet engine, esp. until 03:00. And then locking me out of the room this morning. Ugh.

/me sleepy too, but there's stuffs to be done. Gonna try to get to sleep in :30.

I suppose it sounds like I'm awfully whiny these days. That's mainly because this is my outlet for the crap that accumulates in my life, but I suppose some joy might bring some colour to these dark pages.

So today went up to almost 0C. Walking around without a jacket 'cause it's too warm. Damn, that was a complaint, wasn't it? /me tries better.

Hmm...I took some pictures a few days ago of some good things, but I can't remember what they are, so I'll have to post them later.

Oh, Installathon was good. We somehow attracted at least eight (2^3) non-LUG members to at least show up, and I had some fun trying to install Ubuntu on a blue-&-white G4 Mac, PowerPC vintage complete with Mac mouse and keyboard. That was enjoyable, even if we didn't end up getting it on there.

Let's see. Recontracting is coming up soon. I wanna get into the CSLC next semester, because I know ninety percent of the people over there, and it helps that Ben is gonna be PC and Dan is gonna be one of the RAs. However, I heard that there was a waiting list already, so...I might just end up recontracting into my current room. Which is fine, really, because Tim's gonna be the RA for 4D again, and I'm pretty much OK with my room. I will have to see, though.

I did most of my CS2321 homework last night, and am just running long simulations on WOPR to gather data for the plots. /me feels rather accomplished. (Though, to tell the truth, I only did it because I was bored...)

Ugh...I need sleep now...