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...I guess I'm in trouble...according to

I don't understand the part involving brightly-colored clothes...we they hackers tend towards darker clothes, in my experience. Darker than black, in fact. And certainly no glo-sticks...

Heh. Made me laugh too hard. Apparently, the girls who were, um, studying on the couch in the kitchenette found my bursts of laughter disturbing. /me doesn't know why...

Oh, and, by the way, yes, is completely and utterly serious. No, it really isn't a joke. Really. I'm actually not kidding around when I say this. is as serious as the websites that promote the Confederacy and Nazism (that last one at the risk of being Godwinned...). Which is, in and of itself, hilarious in that sort of sickening way, that you have to laugh at first because it seems so fucking ridiculous, and then you kinda realize that it's serious, but you have to keep laughing because you're already laughing at it. Y'know, like seeing a guy getting hit in the nuts, or watching a YouTube video of someone being hit in the head from behind with a shovel or sledding off a jump into the side of a moving bus.

Initial reaction, "LOL, that can't possibly have just happened! ROFLMAOOL".
Second reaction, "Um, oh, wait, WTF? LOL"
Third reaction, "Ah. Hm. Damn. (lol...?)"
Fourth reaction, "Posting this on my $current_site_to_talk_on, so others can have the same pleasure to continue the cycle."

Fun stuff.

Almost as fun as getting goatse'd or tubgirl'd. NO, DO NOT GOOGLE THESE IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SCARRED FOR LIFE!
Queue obligatory link to webcomic that explains sorta what I mean: QC #942.


February 27 2008, 23:05:05

No, if you want to be scarred for life you go find an EMT textbook and find the entry for "degloved penis"

February 27 2008, 23:07:19

Also the glow-sticks and pacifiers are a reference to the rave/drug subcultures.