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So, this post marks the beginning (well, two hours late) of the 2009 Keweenaw Pride GLBTA Pride Week. The biggest event I am excited for is the drag show at the end of the week, as I will be participating in the amateur competition there. Krista, Kenny, Rusty, and I went shopping yesterday for an outfit and other things, and found great success. We found a slinky black almost-velvet dress which feels like it was made for me it fits so well, and a cool little salsa-ish dress with ruffles and such. The salsa dress will not be used at the drag show, but it fit me so well and it was cheap from Goodwill, so I bought it against a future occasion. We picked up some foundation for my skin color, as well as an appropriate (maybe) shade of lipstick and a new bra and hose. We figure that I should be able to borrow the rest I need from other people, either Tim or one of the Daddy's Girls.

I have been telling people all year that I pass well, but it was a bit of a shock, I think, when I showed up with forms in and wearing the velvet dress. It was a kick going about the hall, introducing myself as Amelia (my stage name) and seeing who was cool with it and who was uncomfortable. The dress was really comfortable--I ended up wearing it for several hours and even debated going to the Filmboard movie. However, I decided against that course of action due to the fact that not only would I want to shave a few more areas (arms, the rest of my legs) and get a bit of makeup on (I have a wicked shadow), but I have no shoes to wear. For the drag show, Tim has found me a pair of silver go-go boots with a moderate heel to borrow, which should actually go well with the rest of the outfit.

It has been suggested that Ben and I do a duo next year, possibly using the number "Take Me Or Leave Me" from RENT. Tim commented that we may even class as professionals, and get the accorded payment thereof. This would be very cool, to say the least.

I will be performing a dance and lip-synch to Groove Coverage's "Forever Young".