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Meme It Up!

Figured I would jump on the bandwagon myself, though I also do not have a purse:

  • Pants Pockets/Belt:

    • wallet containing money and cards

    • Pilot V-Ball gel roller pen

    • GraphGear 0.7mm mechanical pencil

    • Zebra 0.5mm mechanical pencil

    • mechanical eraser

    • a pop tab

    • MTU ID on retractable belt clip

    • Gordon 9-LED flashlight

    • 3"x5" top spiral notebook

    • black Sharpie

    • red, green, blue, black dry-erase markers

    • sunglasses and case

    • 120GB iPod Classic and headphones

    • Gerber Suspension multitool

    • collapsable chopsticks

    • 1GB, 4GB, 8GB flash drives on ball chain

    • keys on retractable belt clip

    • kleenex pack

    • hand sanitizer

    • cell phone

    • water bottle

  • Backpack:

    • three-ring binder full of blank engineering paper

    • GIANT manufacturer bike catalog

    • laptop

    • laptop power cord

    • Targus four-port surge protector

    • Logitech VX Nano mouse

    • a few carabiners

    • 150' 550 cord in assorted lengths

    • black, blue, red, green Sharpies

    • blue, red dry-erase markers

    • pink, orange highlighters

    • drawing compass

    • navigational compass

    • protractor

    • 6" stainless ruler

    • TI-89

    • Casio scientific calculator

    • stapler

    • four floppy disks

    • art eraser

    • bluetooth dongle

    • four rechargeable AAA cells

    • kleenex pack

    • Band-Aids

    • jewelers' screwdriver set

    • needlenose pliers

    • standard pliers

    • multitool with flashlight

    • four-bit screwdriver set

    • ATDC giveaway flashlight

    • IFI SPIKE relay

    • 50' 20ga. wire

    • 20' 3mm silver/tin resin-core solder

    • 10' 4mm solder wick

    • umbrella

    • litre Nalgene bottle

    • Meterman multimeter

    • two 10x 'scope probes

    • eight multicolored alligator-clip test leads

    • USB-RS232 adapter

    • cell phone data cable

    • Autodesk bandanna

    • "ALLY: Straight, not Narrow" button.

    • Eagle rank pin (BSA)

    • Brotherhood rank pin (BSA-OA)

I had not realized how much I actually carry on a daily basis until now...maybe I should cut back. On the other hand..."Be Prepared", no?


March 18 2009, 19:53:52

yeah... about that..

yeah my list wasn't complete... the one I posted on Mary Peed's journal... I should make a complete list sometime..

And be prepared is how boyscouts and girlscouts get into trouble! But luckily we are prepared.

March 18 2009, 22:58:43

I try to both be prepared and pack rather light. I don't have a whole lot of pockets, and don't want to print stuff through my clothes, so I try to carry stuff that has the most utility in a small space. For instance, my leatherman was handy, but I found I used the main knife blade on it 95% of the times I pulled it out... so I replaced it with a single-blade folder I can flick open with one hand, and wear clipped to my waistband inside my pants without even noticing it's there, even when sitting down.

I'd get a smaller laptop bag if I found one I liked. Especially for my non-work laptop (Eee 901).