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Drag Show

A quick post, before I go to bed.

Drag Show was a blast, thanks to Sam, Krista, Ben, Tim, Christian, Alan, and others, in no particular order. I had a lot of fun, and made $10.

Some lessons learned for next time:

  • Let the adhesive cure for five or more minutes before applying to skin, as the warning label says. Do not mistime it, or one runs the risk of being quasi-permanently bonded to the device in question. (yes, I have adhesive remover; no, it is not working because I cannot get under the form enough at this stage to apply it...I need to let the adhesive warm in a shower and work it--SLOWLY!--off)

  • Waterproof makeup is. However, Crisco saves the day.

  • Isopropyl does not substitute itself for acetone. Nor does Zippo fluid, though it makes pretty colors when one lights it.

  • Borrow shoes from someone a little larger than you--it will be more comfortable.