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Happiness and Stuffs!

Well, it has been a long time since I felt this userpic was apropos to the post, but tonight it is. I am feeling pretty damned good about things right now. Not everything is working out, and a fair amount of stuff is going pretty shittily as of late, but I have transcended that for now and things are looking decent currently.

WHSA is looking for a new soundboard, as our current one is kind of broken for a number of reasons. We have a decent budget for it, and so I have offered my recommendations for an audio rack of equip, totaling around a grand or so. It is fun spending lots of someone else's money on shiny new toys to play with!

Speaking of which, we (the CSLC) just got a bunch of new stuff too. We bought a BenQ 720p projector, a GreyWolf II glass-bead-surface projection screen, and a Philips HD DVD player, which plays DivX-encoded AVI files from a flash drive and will upscale DVDs and AVIs to 720p or 1080p. Future purchase plans are in the works for a Logitech z5500 speaker system. Has been much fun so far, playing games and watching movies with friends in the kitchenette on the new stuff.

As to friends, well, Marcus got his Chrysler Snorunner up and running, and we went down to the Portage and rode it for a while on the old railroad grade. I am afraid I took a bit of a roll off it at some speed, but Marcus' helmet and plenty of winter clothing spared me from more than a bruised left elbow and inside right thigh. Much fun anyway, though.

We have snow, if the last paragraph did not give that away. Not much, but it is starting to look like Houghton again. Never quite feels right unless it is white. I intend to head over to Downwind and have them do some maintenance to my bike that I am not able to; namely, true up both of my wheels (or tell me there is no hope and I just need new wheels, at which point I may be thinking about a new bike. After all, the old girl has got well over 750 miles on her, and things are all falling apart in general) and possibly fix my rear brake's sticking (likely a cable issue).

Some discussion has arisen recently regarding next year's living situation. I cannot, in good conscience, continue paying well upwards of $3 000 a semester for room and board, when the same can be had for less than half that elsewhere. I have two options on the plate right now:

  1. Rent out Dark and Mary's old house with five or six friends, works out to roughly 200/mo, give or take, not including food.

  2. Became an RA for the CSLC, works out to free room and board, with some pay on top.

On the one hand, I really like the house idea for a number of reasons, and the RA position is far from sure and a fair amount of extra work. On the other hand, the RA position is considerably more lucrative, and I would enjoy it, though it does not seem as such some days right now. On the gripping hand, I really have no idea what I actually want to do. I have some time yet, anyway, so there is no real hurry for a while.

One last thing--I highly recommend Stephen King's The Green Mile (the book, not the movie, though I have heard the movie is good too).

Good night, my friends, and peace to you all.


November 13 2008, 16:21:49

Isn't Marcus moving out next semester? I think he's moving in with us.

November 13 2008, 20:07:32

That is his thought, but I cannot see how he thinks he is going to get out of the first-year housing contract.