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Small Animals!

So, the CSLC decided to go to the Copper Country Humane Society and volunteer our services in helping walk dogs, entertain cats, and other things which we ran out of time for.

  • An indication of just how many cats there were there, in the open-play area.
  • A funny little cat centered himself perfectly on his tower, eight feet off the floor.
  • A cat who decided that the washing stand was a good place to get water--would drink until water was shut off, resume drinking the instant the water continued.
  • Micah, one of the RAs of the CSLC, sleeping and being slept upon.
  • Steve apparently is a kitten magnet. There were more than two on him, but my cellphone was misbehaving and would not take a picture until several jumped down.
    So now I have had my reintroduction to small furry animals, so I am better prepared for my return home to our two cats.



November 19 2008, 05:25:03

You played with the wrong set of animals!

November 19 2008, 05:36:48 a really big picture. I did mention we walked dogs? I ended up with one that was too large for me to walk safely while taking pictures, so no pictures of that.

November 19 2008, 05:38:42

Blame mary's iphone. Its a husky mutt named Jake at CCHS that she was trying to get me to adopt.

Someone beat me to it :(

November 19 2008, 05:40:51

I remember hearing about Jake.

Oh, well.

November 20 2008, 01:23:44

Was his name Jonah?

November 20 2008, 18:40:42

No, Baxter. Someone else walked Jonah.