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First Entry

I suppose it is uninspired to make an entry called "First Entry". Bah. I don't feel creative right now.
Ooh! My lappy has finished backing up it's hard drive. That's good. (Yes, I can be ADD at times, but so can we all).
So, I started this LJ mostly because I felt like having a blog somewhere that I could occasionally rant at. I used to try to do this just by creating files on my computer, but seeing as I like to keep my hard drives clean...I figured I'd use someone else's disk space! Besides, I'm feeling a touch out of the loop now that I'm at college, where it seems that all of the people in the organizations I'm in, have a LJ account and a Facebook account. I haven't decided whether I ought to get a Facebook account yet. We'll see. It isn't like I really need another way to waste my time on the computer. I mean, IM, email, and IRC are enough as it this will likely be a place where I dump all my insanity when it piles up too high. There might be story fragments, discussions of experiences I've had, descriptions of how I really do hate computers...and other stuff.

But, as with many things in my life, this will likely not be updated regularly. C'est la vie.