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I'm Bored

So, I'm sitting here in Diff Eq. I'm bored, on one hand, because my professor is less than interesting most of the time. On the other hand, I'm worried (a lot) because I discovered, a few weeks ago, that he had begun speaking a different language, and I have not had a chance to make up the difference...On the gripping hand, I'm highly annoyed at whoever is responsible for not listing this class as having a prerequisite of Calc 3, as my prof said he's been asking for for several years. Grr...
I have a presentation in Perspectives next hour. It should be fun. We had to form groups and create businesses with our groups. There's four groups in the class, and from what I've heard, our business is the most thought-out, concrete one in the class. This is good, because the prof will be grading us based on whether he would invest in us...we're totally gonna dominate. The four of us are gonna be dressed sharp, the PowerPoint is clean and simple, we're familiar enough with the business by now (several weeks' work does that) that our presentation flows smoothly from one to another of us. I'm really excited about this.
Thinking about things, it kinda is nice to have this LJ account, because it gives me something other than defragmenting my hard drive to do in class when I'm bored...


December 10 2007, 14:42:51

Just as a follow-up:
Our group got a 98 on our presentation. Rumour has it that other groups got 80s. So, we did well.