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Ah, Life

So, life here at college is starting to settle down to some level that may approach normal, for some value of normal.

I have a few sketches (done on paper, sadly, so I will be spending time cleaning them up and digitally inking them) to see if I can make a webcomic project feasible. I think I have enough of an idea of what the characters will look like and how they will interact that I can start drawing some basic scenes.

I now have a Freenet node and a Tor relay running on my server, and hopefully will have both up on LUG soon as well. This makes me happy, because those two things, I feel, help out the computing community as a whole, and especially people interested in anonymity.

I have finally updated my iPod with all the new music I got over the summer, so I have been rocking out to Nightwish, Within Temptation, Coldplay, Bon Jovi, and Basshunter, as well as others while riding about campus and Houghton.

Urban Terror is the official game of the CSLC this year, and I am not half bad at it, it would seem. It is also kind of cool to realize I can run it on my laptop at ~90fps...makes me realize that I really do not have all that bad a system.