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First Day of Classes

Yay! So, I had Digital Logic this morning at 08:05 with Dr. Martha Sloan, who was apparently teaching in the days when my dad went here...I was expecting her to be considerably closer to the crypt than she is, but the course will be tedious anyway, as it pretty much covers the basics of Boolean algebra and logic that I learned in my senior-year computer science class in high school. This is mitigated by the sheer number of people I know in the class, so it should be OK.

Then I had Beginning Social Dance at 12:35, which will be an...interesting...class. Throughout high school, I took Spanish as my foreign language, and, as part of those classes, would frequently be taught basic Latin steps... However, we are starting the course with swing. Apparently, my muscle memory, such that it is, keeps wanting to finish the swing steps we learned today with the Latin steps I have from high school. Also, apparently I do not lead hard^H^H^H^Hfirmly enough, as my partners both mentioned to me...

The past couple of days have been pretty bad, weatherwise. Example given being my server crashing two days ago due to its Pentium III 450MHz processor (with heatsink and dedicated cooling fan) reaching (according to the last log entry) 150C. According to my laptop logs, ambient room temperatures peaked around 40C. The problems with my room that cause such issues are that 1) I have a corner room and, as such, can pick either airflow OR blocking of the sun, due to room construction, 2) I have a south-facing window, and 3) our door has a little hallway between it and the room, which is not conducive to air movement. I am not sure my server will come back up, actually, but I have not tried yet because it has not gone below 30C ambient in the room since the crash...

However, the forecast for the next bunch of days (where bunch ≈ 15) states an overall maximum high of 68F, starting tomorrow, so Frondeur (hopefully) will be back online soon.


September 3 2008, 19:43:48

(Dancing = Fun) = _?

Also correction, Par. 2 Line 5: Latin.

Oh you poor toasted server, woe is you. May I suggest purchasing an in-window A/C unit?

September 3 2008, 19:52:51

Dancing is sort of fun, I guess...the professor is a little...into it, I guess, but that is life.

Heh, watching too much Serial Experiments: Lain, apparently.

It is back online, no apparent damage done. As to AC...I am not supposed to remove the screen from my window ($20 EOY fine), nor is the window the right size for one (it is around 48" X 60", for the screened part). I did look at the portable, floor-mounted ones which have a little exhaust duct that hangs on a windowsill, but 1) most are in excess of $150, 2) it is the UP--I will only need it for maybe a week total per year, and 3) I would have to tape up/seal the whole window to prevent the hot air from reentering.