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Well, OK, just one page, but I feel rather accomplished thus far. This first page of three took me roughly an hour to do the ink overlay in The GIMP, so I figure it took around ninety minutes from blank page to upload on deviantART. This means that, if I end up doing what I would like to and make each page of the webcomic a full 8.5" X 11" page, it should take around two hours per page, figuring in time to color it. Hmm...maybe should estimate that up to three hours a page--these sketches are pretty sparse. This may very well be a time commitment I can handle, especially as several of the groups I was part of last year are either foundering or disappearing altogether, giving me a little extra time that I can fill.

By the way, I apparently cannot see my own newest deviation in my gallery...I had to do a search on dA to find it for the link above...I hope that gets resolved soon.