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A brunette woman's face, with her hair in a ponytail. She has grey-blue eyes and a neutral expressionPassport application placed. $110 for the application, $60 for expedite, $50 to the post office for mailing and photo services. Actually got a good picture this time though!

Biohazard Metal Trans Symbol

So a few months back, the holy see published a kind of ridiculously metal missive, with the transgender logo surrounding the radiation symbol, and some nonsense about this being the age of sin and whatnot.

So I liked it a whole hell of a lot, but since radiation is no more or less relevant to transfolk as to anyone else, I decided to make my own with a more appropriate symbol in the center. After all, most of us going through transition are sort of forced to be medical experts in the field...

The logo is in the public domain and I am willing to cut a few for people who ask nicely. Biohazard Transgender Logo SVG on my server.

A 2014 Mazda3 hatchback with a large ham radio antenna on the hatch, with a new white transgender logo with the center circle filled with the biohazard symbolMy car with a logo!



SSA took about 97 minutes, but I should have my new card in the mail within 14 business days. Gender marker and name changed without issue or cost upon presentation of:

  • Passport in my former name (proof of citizenship, a birth certificate would have worked too)
  • Driver's license in my former name (proof of ID)
  • name change order (must show both names if above are in former name)
  • physician's affidavit ("appropriate clinical treatment", template available online)

Trans Lightning Rod?

I am the lightning rod (TWSS) of teh transfolk.

Another person came out to me today.

It is weird. Not bad weird just actually kind of nice but unexpected weird.

I solemnly swear to use this newfound power only for good. And making the frogs gay.

Wiki Madness

DokuWiki is so much nicer a software package than MoinMoin I cannot even.

Like. Why did I fight for a week trying to get MoinMoin to do the thing (basic stuff like wrapping text around an image or support MathJax) when DokuWiki either has it built-in from the get-go, or has three clicks to a plugin that does it?


Also do not even get me started on MediaWiki I will not. i3Detroit’s wiki is MediaWiki and there are like eight different ways to install plugins and then there is the whole mess underneath of PHP’s dozen or so package manglers and then on top of that there is the database things and...

Also also, DokuWiki’s syntax is clean and largely consistent (/me glares at MoinMoin), and even the plugins largely try to mirror that cleanliness (/me glares at MediaWiki).

So yeah, $employer’s internal knowledgebase is going to be DokuWiki because I said so.



HID Prox Shenanigans

In case anyone wanted to know this (I did):

The raw data you get from a HID Prox (marked "XceedID", not sure the data protocol; PACSProbe thinks maybe HID H10301, but the checksum is not quite right when I try that in Python) card using the USB readers (like the Omnikey 5025CL) is something like 0x022845DA. The data transmitted from a Wiegand reader (like the ProxPoint Plus 6005BGB00) is something like 0x1422ED.

That Wiegand code is extracted from the raw one as follows: (raw & 0xFFFFFF)>>1 == wiegand

Furthermore, if you cared about facility and card serial data, the facility code is the first octet of the Wiegand data (0x14) and the card serial is the last two (0x22ED).

The use case I have for this is, I have a USB reader I want to use for PACS login to an inventory control kiosk (so the engineers have no excuses for not checking in and out hardware from the feasibility lab here at work), and I also want to use the same badges on a standalone door controller for access control to the lab (our facility's Wiegand alarm system ran out of channels so we cannot add more doors). And hey, be real nice if I could directly generate the ACL for the door from the kiosk setup.


Holy shit you guys I just got my notice. My hearing is June 12th! This is happening!