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Biohazard Metal Trans Symbol

So a few months back, the holy see published a kind of ridiculously metal missive, with the transgender logo surrounding the radiation symbol, and some nonsense about this being the age of sin and whatnot.

So I liked it a whole hell of a lot, but since radiation is no more or less relevant to transfolk as to anyone else, I decided to make my own with a more appropriate symbol in the center. After all, most of us going through transition are sort of forced to be medical experts in the field...

The logo is in the public domain and I am willing to cut a few for people who ask nicely. Biohazard Transgender Logo SVG on my server.

A 2014 Mazda3 hatchback with a large ham radio antenna on the hatch, with a new white transgender logo with the center circle filled with the biohazard symbolMy car with a logo!