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Wiki Madness

DokuWiki is so much nicer a software package than MoinMoin I cannot even.

Like. Why did I fight for a week trying to get MoinMoin to do the thing (basic stuff like wrapping text around an image or support MathJax) when DokuWiki either has it built-in from the get-go, or has three clicks to a plugin that does it?


Also do not even get me started on MediaWiki I will not. i3Detroit’s wiki is MediaWiki and there are like eight different ways to install plugins and then there is the whole mess underneath of PHP’s dozen or so package manglers and then on top of that there is the database things and...

Also also, DokuWiki’s syntax is clean and largely consistent (/me glares at MoinMoin), and even the plugins largely try to mirror that cleanliness (/me glares at MediaWiki).

So yeah, $employer’s internal knowledgebase is going to be DokuWiki because I said so.