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Hashtag First Post

So, hey, welcome, settle down, take a seat. This is my blog. It is little, but might eventually not be little.

It was fun putting it together; this blog runs on nikola, which is super easy to use and work with.

However, and this is a fun story for all you out there: turns out, ls and rm -rf are not the same! Who knew?

Thankfully, duplicity has been dutifully backing this machine up to Backblaze for...a long time, vigourously and with feeling, and so after about half an hour and a pint of ice cream (black raspberry and dark chocolate), I had restored my whole-ass webroot and we are back in business!

So yeah. Bye.

RIP Moxie. 2004-04-08 to 2021-02-22

You were a good cat. A grumpy old lady who tolerated us and the kittens. You met me back in 2008 by sitting on me while Cleo was furiously cleaning my laptop. Jasper rescued you and we eventually brought you downstate to live with us.

There was no such thing as too hard a scritch. You wanted it all.

We did our best, and you seemed to appreciate it.

Making the decision not to fight the aggressive cancer that suddenly swept over you this week was one of the worst I have ever had to make. But at the same time, I knew it was the right choice, for you and for us. You passed away quietly and quickly between us, content and purring.

We will miss you, Moxie.


Ice helps a lot though.


Turns out, muffing with a partner is amazing in the moment, but it requires a lot of practice to avoid kind of a deep ache in your inguinal canals. Tucking tomorrow is going to be great. /s

However, if this is a price to pay for being taken to those heights by a beautiful woman, I will pay it gladly, and I look forward to the next time!