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Transition Thoughts

Another vendor meeting. Second one who alternated between talking to my boobs and talking exclusively to my male colleague who was shadowing me. I did get in a good zinger, offering to share the link to the website I bought them from so he could get his own set. My colleague was good and directed conversation back to me. But seriously.

I had a few issues with my mom the last few weeks. I think we have settled them at the moment. However, mostly unsolicited critiques on my appearance and choice of dress.

Weirdly, when I have commented on these, uh, joyous experiences to female friends, I have been getting gleeful schadenfreude. Like, I do understand that I am giving up privilege, and everyone likes the story of the mighty (or maybe just slightly elevated) falling. But it is strange to me that some of the very people who have been super supportive all along and giving me the whole sisterhood vibe, have been, well, kind of hurtful.

I mean, no one is obligated to give me anything. It just. It hurts though. And sometimes it is isolating.

But I will get through it. Being a woman is not all super plus good things.