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Gods I had a good day today.

I did a bunch of extra prep work in my shower today, feeling really good.

Then I went out and picked up a few new outfits, as well as some new shoes to accommodate the 5+miles per day of walking I am soon to be doing at AUTOMATE in a couple weeks.

Also PSA: you all girls unfortunately suffering from testosterone poisoning: Nordstrom Rack apparently believes that girls with big feet exist and need cute shoes! Their stock goes up to 13!

Then, my partner and I went out to see Captain Marvel (which is so much fun, Carol Danvers is so cool, also unrelated I need a leather aviator jacket now) and had pizza and gelato afterwards.

Pretty much a perfect day. Other than the catcalling. (is this the first time I have been catcalled? I think it might be. Ick)

But yeah. Good day.