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Doctor Who Thoughts

I have been rewatching the new series of Doctor Who, since it came to my attention that I had last left off with the first episode or two of Peter Capaldi's 12,and there is, like, a while new Doctor and everything now.

Eccleston's 9 was my favorite Doctor through and through, and I badly wish he had had a second series or was allowed into any of the specials.

I dearly love Rose and the bad-ass she grew to be.

I am still not sold on 10. Just too much angst and apologies and the angry young god. His companions were great, though Martha seemed to be a hastily-contrived rebound and never fully fleshed out the way she deserved. Donna was great and I cried actual tears with her parting of ways. I wish we saw more of the TARDIS's human personality from "The Doctor's Wife". I also wish we saw more of Jenny, the Doctor's daughter. And not just because I have the biggest crush on her, but because she has a really interesting character. And also she is adorable and I want to cuddle with her.

I liked 11, but I liked his companions more. Amy in particular I dearly love. (and no I did not choose my name after her, I was Amelia casually in fucking 2009). Clara I have just the worst crush on even still, and I am 90% sure she is my favorite companion to date. Also, like, is it weird how much I really enjoy the concept of companions flirting with themselves?

12 was a rough start for me. Those first few episodes really set an awkward tone, and I did not really like Capaldi's Doctor until "Heaven Sent" when he finally clicked for me. Bill was fun, although I liked Heather a whole lot more and wished she had gotten more play.

And 13! I love 13. Jodie Whittaker's Doctor is the culmination of the traits I have loved of the prior Doctors. She is kind, and funny, and bad-ass, and plays her regeneration's neurodivergence with empathy and dignity. She supplants 9 as my favorite, and I am looking forward to seeing her continue. Still not sold on her companion entourage. But I am only four episodes into hers.