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Dating Success

Whew. It has been a long minute.

This weekend was a series of firsts for me. First kiss. First time doing sexy things with/to another person. First time seriously considering the idea of being polyamorous. First time seriously considering the idea of being more into watching sex than being a recipient of it. First time falling into mutual romantic love with someone. First time realizing just how gorramed validating it is to just, like, take your shirt off in front of someone and see them slack-jawed and misty-eyed. First time being called gorgeous/beautiful/sexy and really feeling the Truth to that. Hell, first time actually managing the social cues and transactions to make my intentions and desires clearly advertised, to even have the encounter happen at all.

No, it did not go the way I had been trying not to expect it to. It went pretty much exactly as it needed to go though.

Brooklyn is too gorramed far away. Distance is positively transphobic.

And I love her.

Two women laying on a bed. The one to the left and bottom is wearing shoulder-length light brown hair and glasses, and has a grey long-sleeved top on. The other is resting her head on the first's chest and holding up a selfie stick. She has longer dark hair and is wearing comfortable two-piece pajamas.She and I, taking a selfie