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So, a while back, I found this amazing deal on some hardware, and, as I've found I'm beginning to be cramped disk-space-wise, I decided to get two 500GB refurbished Seagates and a PCI IDE controller for them (my server does not have any more free IDE channels, and this allows me the option in the future to add a couple more and set up RAID) all for under $200. It all arrived yesterday, and so I have been playing around with them, formatting and mounting, as well as getting my backup system finally online.

However, there is an issue...there's no room in my case for the two drives. (silly Gateway and their cramped desktop-form-factor PCs).

So, for a short-term fix, I'm gonna mod the inside of the case cover to allow the drives to hang from it over the proc heatsink and the PCI cards. Long-term, I'll likely just get a real case to put the stuff in. I don't know...stuff costs money and I have a move coming up RSN.

In other news, I have found out the girl's name, through various channels...damn, that makes me sound like a stalker...I'm not, by the way, I just have alternative methods to finding out information. Damn, I'm just digging myself a hole here, aren't I? Anyway, her name is Brittany Li. Judging by the name, she's probably part Asian, possibly China or Vietnam. I'll keep posting what I find over the next few days, or until we meet.

[2022 edit] hi, it is me from the future. This was a really...weird...time in my life and I was super creepy around Brittany and...yeah. I was dumb and horny and should have known better.[/edit]