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I was sitting in an auditorium, listening to my brother play Beethoven on a grand piano up on the stage. I thought, "My, this hovercraft is fluffy," and suddenly I was my brother. The music flowed for a while from my hands, but suddenly the tone changed to that of a electric guitar and the volume dropped to zero. I paused, reset the piano, and continued playing, but I was lost. The music book didn't help me either because it was written sideways, and the notes were purple. I made some stuff up, and the audience applauded. I was suddenly back in my seat in the audience, and proceeded to watch a Gregorian chanting group, a person juggling dead cats, the Gregorian group playing "Come Sail Away" on electric ukuleles, an old man making parts of the audience fly out of their chairs and into a gorge by asking tricky questions, and a person juggling flaming balls which closely resembled dead cats. Suddenly, I was in my dorm room, with my roommate asking me if it was OK if he recycled the cardboard boxes I had in the corner, as that would help him win a contest to get a Guitar-Hero-themed racing hovercraft.

I have the most interesting dreams, don't I?