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More Happy

Last night, went over to the CSLC and celebrated the AWESOME that was our Eng. Fund. presentation by getting a coupla pizzas and watching a kinda funny movie called How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Oh, there were some interesting parts to the evening as well...a bottle of sparkling grape juice turned up to toast the going-away of one of Ben's roommates, I paid the guy for pizza with a crapton of change, I had an Esther on my lap for a while while we watched the movie (there were a shortage of seats in the room).

All in all, one of the more fun nights I've had for a while here.

Which reminds me, I still owe the general hall a coupla bucks for the pizza.

The LUG is getting a new UPS! I'm pretty sure we're getiting this one, with an extra battery module, so we can run for around 35-40 minutes, which is far longer than we need to be able to run to survive the gap between main power and generator power.

Some sad news:
Because WECN still has not updated the Linux boxen (still using Red Hat Enterprise $really_old_version) in Superior, I add yet one more item to the list of THINGS THAT DON'T WORK:
The Enigmail GPG plugin for Thunderbird

This goes along with such things as the newest Firefox (or any newer than, currently at, looking at 3.0 soon), the newest Thunderbird (or any newer than, currently at, the newest OO.o (or any newer than 1.1.5, currently at 2.4.0, looking at 3.0 soon), Flash, the newest Pidgin (or any newer than 1.5.0, currently at 2.4.1), the newest kernel (or any newer than 2.6.9, currently at 2.6.25), and a host of others.

Thus, I cannot send signed emails from Thunderbird on this computer.
However, the GPG plugin for Firefox works, apparently, so I can use the web interface for Gmail and be OK.