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Wow. It has been a really long time since I posted here...too much stuff going on, I guess.

So, I finished out my first year of college with a pretty decent GPA, which will improve when I retake Diff. Eq. The year was awesome, and I just finished personally thanking a number of my teachers from high school for allowing it to be thus.

My family is moving from Milwaukee, WI, to Rochester, MI, on account of the Delphi Corporation being a bunch of jerks, consolidating 85 plants nationwide to a grand total of...4. Yeah... Not so good. So, we're moving to MI.

There was a fairly major security issue with all Debian-based OS', including Debian Etch and Sid, as well as every version of Ubuntu from 7.04 to the latest beta, called Ibex (will be released in October, so version no. is 8.10). The breach was in the open-source implementation of SSL, called OpenSSL, which is responsible for SSH keys, as well as web encryption. It appears that the pseudo-random number generator in the implementation had an issue with it in that, instead of generating one of several billion keys for a particular use (well more than enough to foil most brute-force attempts), the PRNG actually only produced about 100,000 unique keys (a small enough sample that an ordinary computer could brute-force the key in a reasonable period of time). However, the implementation has been fixed, but that necessitated regenerating all of my keys and re-sharing them between the computers I regularly use. This process is actually a rather difficult one, as I have no less than eleven unique machines in my personal list of machines, most of which I have established password-less SSH links between. This means I have about 70 unique links to establish, which takes a while as not all the machines have the same tools on them to permit the rapid creation of links.

Dark and Mary got married a while ago in HI. I wish them both the best.

I'm trying to get a job this summer somewhere here in Automation Alley, as I'm broke and need experience in the field to have any chance of getting a job after school.


May 20 2008, 18:49:11

Well the problem is that one of your parents works for Delphi :P

May 20 2008, 18:49:46

Oh and if you'll be in town for June 6th, you can come to a 2600 meeting. I know plenty of people who drive in from up that way if you need a lift.