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Fun Stuff

So, yeah, all my stuff has been moved over to the new house. That's pretty much all I did this weekend, but it's still good, because I caught up on some much-needed sleep.

Speaking of sleep, lucid dreams are amazing. Seriously. If I could figure out a way to ensure that I always have one, or rather, that any dream I have is one, that would be rocking awesome. Having a completely wide-open blank canvas as your world, with the rules that govern it and the events that happen in it at your full and unlimited command, is pretty much as close to being a god as I am likely ever to get. It's trippy! Like this, and the second part!

(Surprisingly, my dream last night was similar in content to the one Elliot has in the preceding two links, in that I tended to walk around and make random people happy. However, it was significantly longer, did not involve me becoming a superhero and stopping a bank robbery, did not involve my female bisexual magical duplicate looking at me as her father, and did not involve me being married to the female form of my androgynous male friend. It did involve large amounts of flying, as well as a noticeable prevalence of people with tails, hugs, twins, daemons, telepathy, hugs, magic used alongside technology, steampunk, hugs, no stigma attached to loving who you love, a sane government [hey, I did say this was a dream...], and various other things like that. It was not a utopia, as that would just be boring, but it was the kind of world I'd love to live in.)

Wow...that was a really long parenthetical statement. I wonder if I should edit that...

...nah, I'll leave it as an example to posterity. Of what, I couldn't say, but an example nonetheless.

EDIT: Oh, and, I just got salmoned. Again. This makes three times in about as many weeks.../me wonders where he posted his AIM userID that is getting so much traffic all of a sudden... ::plays with salmon a while, gets bored, finds a well-worn ball of yarn to attack::


July 13 2008, 21:11:35

Your LJ profile page comes to mind:

AOL IM: AIM status agmlego1222 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
July 13 2008, 21:20:52

Maybe, but that isn't the only place I've put it. Meh, whatever. It's kinda fun, but only when the other person isn't physically or mentally AFK...