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2008-07-12 11:07:00

So, it's raining. Actually, now it's not, but it was. Wait, now it is again.

I suppose I didn't actually want to move my stuff over to the new house. I just thought I did.

Oh, yeah, yesterday... wait for it, wait for it...

...yeah, it just hit...

So, I'm looking at banks here, as I need an actual checking account in order to open any accounts with ING Direct, a wholly online bank that many people I know use, which provides all the services I currently want from a bank, and high interest on the accounts to boot. I'm leaning towards National City, no particular reason based on research yet, just their ads. No, I'm not going to make a financial decision based on ads.

I just put away like twelve hours' straight of sleep. I feel amazing right now.


July 12 2008, 16:27:04

national city works fine for me

July 12 2008, 16:29:15

Thanks! I always like to get feedback from the people who actually live in an area regarding the things I'm researching.