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So, I think I have hashed out a schedule I can be happy with for next semester.


  • Slightly later classes--more conducive to sleep.

  • Better time management--classes are clumped together, instead of leaving long breaks during which I will simply waste time.

  • Major-related courses and fun courses--should be an interesting semester, instruction-wise.

  • 15-credit workload--I should be able to handle the amount of work.

Drawbacks: * No lunch on Thursdays--cannot be helped; if I want to take the Logic/Signals lab, I have to do it then based on the way my schedule works out.

  • No crypto course--I wanted to take MA3204 this coming semester, but Diff. Eq. took precedence when the two coincided.

  • Few overlapping courses with friends--I had a mind to take a few courses that were coincident with my friends, but it seems that I am trailing a semester or so, so most of the courses I am taking, they took this current semester.

All in all, not a bad schedule. Let us hope that I can actually get into all the classes I want come November 6th, 2200...