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Slice of Life 2


Today I need to design the hulls and impeller housings for the CreekFleet autobuoy project so I can get those going on the printers at i3Detroit. Probably should update my budget in YNAB.

Today is a shower day but my face hurts too much, so just washcloth and dry shampoo. Something is better than nothing, and all. I really need to time this better and make the day of laser a shower day, so I can skip the two days afterwards when the irritation is at its peak. I bet I can write a script to drive my task list and habit tracker based on my calendar events...

Then at 15:00, Postmodern Jukebox at the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts, courtesy of one of my longtime friends from PFRC, MTULUG, and mi2600.

Leftover calimari somewhere in there.