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Productive Day!

Productive day.

Did some work, had some meetings, got a headache from the office remodeling construction.

Drive to i3Detroit, clocked back in and did some more work and some mounting and soldering for a door controller. Clocked back out.

Dad wanted the THX 1138 logo on vinyl on the back of his new boat (the one we just broke). Found a decent resolution movie poster, traced it in Inkscape, cut and weeded it.

Dad showed up to the space, put him in touch with Jody for a quick welding patch job on the top of the new mast (unrelated to us breaking the boat). Tried to fix the cable we broke, went to the store to get more parts to fix the cable we broke more, decided cable is hard and that he would get the local sail shop to do it (hi Avon Sailboat!).

Fixed an issue with a friend's Linux install. Dropped off the machine at her place. Drove home. Found a new driver's license in the mailbox.

Have a cat! Time for sleep.