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The holidays can be a pretty big deal because of that for transfolk especially. Last year was my coming-out to the family at large, and it took over two weeks to draft up an email (to prime everyone and not, like, shock them by just showing up in a skirt and makeup). For me, everyone seems to have shifted to the correct pronouns and name quickly, but I freely admit my story has been a strongly atypical one.

But at the same token, my relationship with my mom has been rapidly degrading, to the point where our friendsgiving (I hate the trappings of American Thanksgiving too, but it is nice to have a big meal with friends, and it is harder to get turkey during the year) will be to the exclusion of my biological family, and consist of a chosen few. Turns out, one of the superpowers being LGBTQ gives you is the knowledge that, for the most part, family is solely who you chose to be your family, regardless of blood.

I offer support, and hugs, and condolences, and a place to stay to anyone who needs them this time of year.