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Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq.

I sorta recently discovered a new artist and I have yet to hear a single one of his that is not somehow a random Brit guy distilling my thoughts into song.

"I've No More Fucks To Give" waxes poetic about how 100% done with everything (at work, mostly) I am right now.

"Could You Really Not Just Put This In An Email?" Ah, office culture. Nothing like it. -.-

"I Don't Want Kids" is a frank discussion about the perks and drawbacks of having kids and how I, personally, do not want kids.

"Well, This Is Shit" bemoans the common reaction of those around me to try helping or logicing me out of a vent when I just want to fucking vent.

And the magnum opus is "Stop Being An Arsehole", which calls out everyone involved in the current pile of festering shit that is the current USian political landscape.

Were I able to drink, I sure would like to be "Pants Drunk" right now.