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Yes, yes I am

OK, so, I've set up a collection of my own personal little nerd things, just for fun.

  1. I work for 8, 8:30 hours on two computers at once (and some very expensive hardware and software), then come home and play with my laptop and servers for another 4-5 hours.

  2. My idea of fun? Not fragging enemies or racing cars but figuring out relations in series of data and keeping my personal numbers well-organized (accounting, life data, bicycle mileage, etc.).

  3. I can tell you more about the detailed workings of most technology than I could ever hope to tell you about the latest Hollywood news.

  4. This LiveJournal is "20% 'What's happening in my life' and 80% 'homg computers!! <3<3<3'" (thanks, frostcrystal ;-P).

  5. I'm currently sitting in a room with five (5, 0b00000101) running, in-use computers, and I'm connected to three others that I directly control and otherwise connected through or to seventeen others.

  6. I can count all the computers I'm connected directly to, connecting through, and working on.

  7. I do the above fairly regularly.

  8. I pass nerd tests with flying colors.

  9. I edit Wikipedia, and occasionally even add new articles.

  10. I run Linux.

In other news, I was salmoned last night. This is an occurrence that I have been waiting for, due to my posting of my AIM userid in a couple places. Not familiar with the term? OK, so, here's the deal:

  1. You post your IM userid (almost any protocol commonly used in the US now) somewhere, like on your LJ or deviantArt profile.

  2. A salmon bot goes out around the intarwubs, crawling for userids, and indexes your ID.

  3. At some point, at random, a salmon bot connects two userids together in an IM session, opening the conversation with some form of comment, such as "Prove the theory of gravity in twenty words or less."

  4. The bot anonymizes the conversation, showing the opposite person's userid as <something>Salmon, such as BashfulSalmon.

  5. You talk (or don't) with the other person as long as you want, then disconnect as normal.

Sort of fun, and harmless.

Undocumented code written by someone no longer working at your company really sucks, especially when it is your job to chase the gremlins out of said code. Compound this by having said code currently being used in a live situation, and make the two gremlins on the moderate part of the severity continuum. Yummy!

So, I will be flying home (Flint to Milwaukee) for the Fourth, as it wasn't much more expensive than taking the train and much simpler logistically than driving. Plus, a couple hours' trip is better than six!


June 26 2008, 00:47:42

Don't worry eventually you're on so many at once you can't keep count anymore :)

June 26 2008, 00:48:45

And that was me forgetting he wasn't logged in.

June 26 2008, 00:56:41

Heh. I don't think I've done that before, but it'll happen eventually, prolly.