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So, we now have a layer of ice covering the grounds outside, varying from a little under a quarter inch to fully six inches thick. Makes for a large and impressive playground for un-busy college students to play upon. (Yes, I was one of those college students...)

Got lots of little stuff done today--fired off an email to Apple regarding the vast amounts of "teh suck" present in my latest acquisitions from iTMS, fixed a bunch of niggling technical things on my various computers, and (of course) playing on the aforementioned ice.

So, I have a Physics exam in a bit (18:00), but I'm not worried. Given how the last one went...well, I won't get overconfident.

I called the guy who is selling the SanDisk flash drives on campus and ordered an 8GB one. He said that he'd have more of them after break, so I don't actually have it in hand, but I'm reasonably sure it is this. Will be nice to have, because then I can repurpose the 1GB Lexar one as a boot disc for various things.

Ah... I just realized that I forgot why I was so anxious to get this post out... Oh, well. Guess there'll be another one soon.

Oh, yes, I found this cute picture of a nekomimi on Wikipedia today. Seems to fit my recent spate of euphoria (no, I'm not on anything but life, that I know of). Also, Esther put the thought in my mind a few weeks ago by acting like a cat and purring... There are times I sort-of half-think that she didn't have a boyfriend back in Malaysia...

Anyway, so, picture is now one of my userpics, for when I'm feeling good and playful...(::bats at mouse::)