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The Frustration of Electronic Media


::intense bashing of head against wall::

::Daft Punk turned on to calm the rage::

Ah...better. So, I have been trying to get this video via torrents. It comes down as a ~650MB *.avi file, pretty standard file, and well within the capabilities of at least one of my media players to handle...or so I thought.

Turns out, every time I download it, from various trackers and (I thought) various different uploaders, it's actually the same file apparently, which will not play. Well, that's not quite true. It plays, and the audio is there, but...the video is definitely fux0red.

So, then I tried to sync my iPod with my AmaroK library...and the "Transfer" button is greyed out...

So, now /me is using gtkpod to sync my iPod, AmaroK to listen to music on my lappy, cRARk to break the password on a *.rar archive I made a few years back (and the password isn't what i thought it was--oops!), Thunderbird to catch the flurry of pre-post-break messages. Firefox to take up memory, a remote IRSSI instance to be connected with the LUG IRC channels, and Transmission is working on some other, more obscure torrents of the file I'm trying to get...