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So, I'm daring to say might finally be spring in Houghton. It's currently hovering around 60-70F, bright sun, and a nice, stiff breeze. Biked over to Jim's to pick up some sunflower seeds and plastic bags, as well as to drop off the winter's stash of cans and bottles, which came out to enough to pay for the other two items.

Realized after getting back on my bike exactly what spring in Houghton means--mud. Mud everywhere. Most of it in a highly non-viscous form such that can be eagerly sprayed everywhere by one's bicycle tires. So, I continued my little jaunt on to Downwind Sports and picked up a couple of fenders for my bike and installed them there. Much dryer ride home, but the rear fender kept hitting the rear wheel due to suspension.

Spent another half hour or so adjusting that for clearance, filling the tires, and looking sadly at the filth distributed normally across my bike, realized I didn't have time to clean it or maintain the chain/dérailleurs, and came back inside to wait out the remaining time on a couple eBay items I'm looking at for a new project. If I can get the components for under $250, I'm gonna do it, but the project will remain secret until that point.

Emailed Brittany finally, as I had finally bashed out an email that didn't sound creepy or stalkerish a day after writing it. Time, I've found, helps you not sound creepy. Or, rather, revision helps that. Have not heard back yet, but it has been only ::checks watch:: about eighteen hours since I sent it.

[2022 edit] hi, it is me from the future. This was a really...weird...time in my life and I was super creepy around Brittany and...yeah. I was dumb and horny and should have known better.[/edit]