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So, according to various sources, we are supposed to be getting 18-25 inches of powder by 1900 this evening, with peak snowfall rates of 5 inches and hour at times. My enterprise is talking about canceling our meeting this evening because the kids are coming in from all over Houghton County, some from as far as Baraga.

In other news, frondeur should be back up this evening. After investigative surgery last night, it was determined that the cause of non-booting was the lack of power being given to the OS disk, which apparently does not run on the power of imagination. Of course, I do still need to set up firewall rules on vesta to pass data through to frondeur, but that should not be too big an issue.

In other other news, I think I picked up something from one of the high schoolers...felt crappy enough this morning to skip Formal Models, but am feeling much better now.