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So, sitting here in the Fishbowl, two more hours on my shift, bored out of my mind. I could work on my major coding project, but as it's been pushed off to being due on Sunday, I'm disinclined. I could go through my schedule and fire off an email to Beth about when I have time to help her set up Linux on her desktop, but again, I'm disinclined. It's a terrible thing to be bored without having the motivation to do something about it. Even Huskybot fails me:

12:07:13< agmlego> HuskyBot: Entertain me.
12:07:13 * HuskyBot puts a pancake on Bunneh's head
12:07:19< agmlego> Useless bot.
12:07:20< HuskyBot> Inept human.

Ugh... Oh, you might be confused about HuskyBot's reply. OK. So, there's this meme, most aptly demonstrated by a conversation on IRC:

00:00:00< one> Hey, so, blenders are weird!
00:01:03< two> ...wha?
00:02:09< one> Yup, definitely, right?
00:03:27< two> I have no idea what you're talking about, so, here's a bunny with a pancake on it's head...
00:03:32< two>

The bunny belong{s|ed} to a man in Japan who trained it to balance things on it's head, taking hundreds of pictures over several years. However, you'll notice that HuskyBot is not set up to give a link or an image, but rather to place a pancake on one of our frequent channel visitors, Bunneh. This action is triggered whenever he (HuskyBot) does not know something, or gets confused. Thus, me asking him to entertain me caused him to spout meme.

The second lines, where I insulted him, are standard fare for chatbots. If you insult them, they'll turn it back on you. It's fun to watch people try to get the best of the 'bot late at night when drunk. He always wins. Always.

Wow. I just analyzed the response of an IRC chatbot...I am bored as hell, and still have 1:40 left in my shift...Save me!