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On Storms

from life import dealWithIt
if (no_power and well_water):
  if (solo):
    dealWithIt('mild_curses', 10)
    dealWithIt('SEP', 4)   

At least I took my shower last night, instead of this morning like I was going to.

Driving this week has been fun, as there's no traffic. Driving today was even more fun, because there was literally two other cars around me the entire trip. Which is a good thing, as I've been noticing just how much I actually rely on my rearview mirror for lane position, speed, and spatial awareness, and it's currently not attached...but I'll be fixing it tonight, I hope.

/me needs to remember to put his

  • water bottle

  • Gerber multitool

  • sunglasses

  • parents' garage-door opener

into his checked baggage, so he doesn't get arrested.

Thoughts on solo living, day three:

  • losing power sucks (see above)

  • being an Internet-based person, and not having teh intartubes available (or phones, apparently the phone lines went down too) is teh sux0rs.

  • being the first person to work in the morning when it's raining and cold is kinda annoying.

  • complaining about petty stuff makes it seem much worse than it actually has been.

  • I will not, ever, be a hermit. I like people too much.

::sleepy kitty wakes up, yawns, stretches, turns in a circle a few times, curls back up, and goes to sleep::