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Odds, ends, and...OMG WTF?!?

Much better rested today. Sleeping actually helps, it turns out.

So, reading my friends page this morning, I saw this particular WTF. Yes, that is a hard disk drive. Yes, that platter there, has been cut all the way through by (presumably) the read/write heads. No, I have no idea how the hell that happened, but I cannot imagine ever having one of my drives do that. First of all, it would make an awful racket, something akin to tying a small animal to the timing belt of your car's engine. Second, it would take a really long time to do it, as the heads are not, in fact, made of titanium carbide, and the platters are made of something more solid than butter. Third, the drive would not, in fact, work while this was going on. Actually, the drive wouldn't be considered functional as soon as the head crashed the first time (that small click that tech people so dread).