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So, some thoughts, in no particular order:

  • Large trucks are fun, especially when they are:
    1. Going the same way you are.
    2. Going as fast or slightly faster than the other traffic.
  • I scare one of my coworkers, apparently, because:
    1. I am too quiet, having been compared alternately to a ninja and a cat (/me prefers the cat designation).
    2. I am too innovative, having come up with a few improvements on how we create vision profiles, including, but not limited to:
    3. A little, fast contrast-adjusting script which increases or decreases the contrast in an image and limits the range of values in the image based on arguments tot he script, and does so in an average of 2ms/(1600px X 1200px).
    4. One or two ideas I have had regarding:
      1. Studies to be done to increase our knowledge of the limits of our software and hardware, enabling us to correct for it or at least acknowledge that there are hard limits.
      2. Process analysis on a few items, leading to faster project turnover and a marginally better bottom line on certain projects.
      3. Miscellaneous things throughout the shop, organization and layout mostly, making us more effective in what we do.
    5. A few methods which replace "magic numbers" in scripts and tools with dynamic, program-accessible means so that, for instance, I can move a tool that has a script that draws something on the image, and the drawings will move to the new position as well.
  • EVE has a few weird design issues which I may very well make an entire post on at some point--it has been bugging me.
  • Graphics tablets are way too fun and will likely become a controlled substance by the federal government.
  • ::mereow::

That would be all for now, though I am sure I will have more later. C'est la vie, no?