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Midnight Ramblings

Yes, yes I have them. And, yes, I'm still up. Or, maybe, I'm awake now. I have no idea. However, regarding Brittany:

Well I’m not paralyzed
But, I seem to be struck by you
I want to make you move
Because you’re standing still
If your body matches
What your eyes can do
You’ll probably move right through
Me on my way to you

--Finger Eleven, "Paralyzer"

Magic, my good friends, magic. No, I'm not as suave as the guy in the video, nor do random people come out and dance behind me in the street, but, oh man. I found her online, some pictures, oh, whee. I can only hope I can attract her attention and, once I have, give her something worthwhile in return. No, I'm not going to post pictures here until I ask her, as I can tell she likes privacy as much as I, given the discussion in the previous post.

Magic. Pure, unadulteratatedingly good magic. Whee!

Friend of mine had some sugar cookies. They were greenish. Not from organic decomposition nor by food colouring, but by other...means...which might very well cause cookies to become, well, greenish. I was tempted but, well, it was late, and raining, and I did not wish to walk back from his house in the rain having eaten...well...greenish...cookies. And, so, Andrew Meyer remains untouched by..."organic products". Also, I do not recommend watching "Kings of Power: 4 billion %" ever, and especially not with people who actually understand it. Think of the worst trip you know your old roommate who went to Woodstock while you finished your conscientious-objector essay ever had, multiply it by Japan and raise it to the power of Australia-minus-Akira, and you might get an inkling of the short film's nature. Maybe. No, no, no you wouldn't. Of course, I don't have a roommate who went to Woodstock while I finished my conscientious-objector essay, nor does he make use of coloured squares of blotter paper. Or anything in the same line of grey-matter crunching of data, for that matter.


Since I do not in fact have a purple elephant over my shoulder telling me that sleeping would be a good idea, I'm going to tuck in and say goodnight to the fishies in the ceiling. Yay ice cream!

(Disclaimer: Any pants that were harming in the maked of this post were not in fact llamas, but merely water buffalo as your father told you, so there.)

(Disclaimer to the disclaimer: Anything you write can and will in fact have bugs in it, and they will usually be poisonous cobra-eating cockroaches with fangs and spiky tails who say "NI!")

(Fuck it all I'm tired: ::random flailing on the keyboard can in fact be proven to not only eventually produce the ultimate code, but will help your immune system repel dead cats.::)

(Not a message from dog: "My hovercraft is fluffy. That, ma'am, is all.")


(This space intentionally full of eels.)