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Machine Vision Musings

It occurs to me that machines do not see things that way we do.
For instance, I look at a 3D calibration tool, and instantly can tell where it is in the frame of view, and know where the edges and vertices of it are.
My vision profile to do that same thing takes over ninety tools, mostly line finders and geometric calculators, and ends up finding all sorts of interesting things about theobject that I cannot or do not see. I suspect that it is mostly the latter, as the cameras are only 640 X 480.
These things, while interesting, are of little use for the task at hand and get in the way, so novel ways of looking at the object and the process are necessary to discard them.
I suppose our brains are doing much the same thing, so perhaps the two systems are less different than I originally thought.
However, it is fascinating to build up a series of tools in Scorpion to accomplish a task, and realize that the same task is accomplished in microseconds by the human brain.