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So, I just got word that I GOT THE JOB AT VALENTINE ROBOTICS! ::dances around in frenzied elation::

OK, I'm done being excited. For now. I think. ::one last little dance::

OK, so, I recently started reading a most interesting and varied webcomic, El Goonish Shive, and I like it a lot thus far (yes, I've read the entirety of the archive...). Especially this one and this one, as they remind me of a friend of mine and my eternal hopes for freely expressed love between peoples everywhere, respectively. Note that the second of those two links comes after a really long time of hinting that Ellen (dark top, openly bi) and Nanase (light top, closeted lesbian except for a few friends) were going to get together.

Which reminds me of a blog I read this morning. I'm not going to dignify it with a link, though the userpic for this post reflects my feelings on the topic. The author went on for several pages as to why the recent really bad weather in WI and much of the Midwest is directly due to our merely having considered allowing gay marriage in our fine state (for those of you out-of-state, the referendum did not pass, unfortunately, which does make me sad). I'm not going to have a long rant here about those of us in the world with sexualities which deviate from the norm, but I think that a previous post ought to explain my position in that community better than I can, methinks.

Love is.