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Speed. Power. Sun, wind, leaves.
Unity with the machine underneath me.
An extension of my body, my soul.

Control. Exhilaration. Freedom, life, love.
Careful carelessness, an awareness and acknowledgment of the world about me.

Journey. Destination. Road, path, traffic.
Joy, unbounded, flowing in and around and through me.

Sound. Dance. An answerable hum to the world and myself, harmonizing to the dance of nature.

Smooth, silk, effortless. A gentle, firm curve like a delicate fractal rendered in steel.

Pressure welling up from the road, tires carving out my desires.

Tension, grace. A link following a link, following a chain, round and round.

Response. A instant acquiescence to my unspoken requests.

Support. A suggestion, mildly stated. A hill, taken as an accelerant. A long, banked turn, a leaping of the soul in freedom.