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Progress is much better for one's spirit than failure. After yesterday's post, I made a fair amount of progress on the larger looming projects on my todo list, finishing both of them in full. Today I am finishing off at least one more, if not two. Plus, I am looking around for little parts to rebuild a Fujitsu Lifebook B Series notebook a guy down the hall sold me for $80. The notebook does not currently have a hard drive, and the power supply is still in Grand Rapids due to a misunderstanding on his parents' part, but with it I got three six-cell batteries, a two-battery simultaneous charger, a Belkin PCMCIA 802.11b card, and a second (partial) unit, which will be used to cannibalize for spare parts. Also, the guy has produced a wealth of low-voltage, high-capacity capacitors:
Quantity| Voltage (VDC)| Capacity (μF)
5| 25| 36 000
3| 15| 87 000
1| 50| 41 000
1| 50| 10 000
1| 40| 40 000
1| 40| 37 000

These will be used by the PFRC for various high-current applications, such as coilguns and can crushing. We figure we can set them up in a 40VDC array rated for roughly 222 400μF, and ought to be capable of sourcing around 8 900A of current over a discharge time of 1ms, which is what electrolytic caps tend to have as their minimum discharge time.