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Hi, my name is Andrew Meyer, and my roommate is a gaming addict.

Seriously. Yesterday, he spent all day on Runescape (Heh, at least it's not WoW) and TeamSpeak, urging his gaming partners to "Bind him, bind him... Meet at the graveyard... Oh, I'm binded..." (bound, dammit, bound)

Well, I don't have an issue with that. Everyone has their own little quirks, right? What bothers me is that he came back to the room at around 01:00 last night, and to my surprise, started up his computer and began playing Runescape again with TeamSpeak! At 01:00!

That kinda annoys me, but I kinda fell asleep before I could think of something to say.

This morning, around 03:30, the snowplows came through. How do I know this? My roommate has gotten into this thing where, just before he goes to bed, he opens the window and turns up the heat. I haven't figured this out, but it doesn't ordinarily bother me except when the plows come through.

I went back to sleep like any sane person at that hour of the morning, fully expecting another five hours of sleep.

At 07:00, I heard an amazing sound--that of my roommate's computer turning on. I opened one blurry eye and peered over, and--lo and behold--he was sitting there, opening up a browser and putting on his headset. He then proceeded to inform his gaming partners and I that, "We totally ought to schedule a clan war tonight some time." NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! I'm going to have to talk to him this afternoon--this is unacceptable. He may not be attending his morning classes, but I am, 'specially this close to finals! (also 'specially since I haven't ever skipped a class in my life without illness or academic contest as a reason)