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FRC Nationals 1

  • 05:30: Meet my ride, drive to Houghton Airport.
  • 07:00: Board flying bus, short hop to St. Paul.
  • 10:10: Board Airbus A330, fly in blissful sleeping comfort until landing in Atlanta.
  • 13:30: Get MARTA passes, find hotel, get set up, switch rooms, get unpacked.
  • 16:30: Go to Coke factory.
  • 17:12: Remember why Beverly, a Coke product only sold to Italian teenagers, is so disgusting
  • 18:00: Eat until bursting at an excellent sit-down Mexican hole-in-the-wall in the CNN Center.
  • 21:00: Fun and enjoyable pep-talk/team organization meeting.
  • 22:00: Time to crash.


April 16 2009, 05:53:17

Hehehehe, yeah thats one disgusting drink.

/in my day FRC nationals was at epcot
//we used pbasic
///get off my lawn